Software Development: from Firmware to High Level Softwares



CShark is composed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals with knowledges and skills which allow the development of applications related to different IT sectors, from firmwares to high level programming with proprietary IDEs.

Our heterogeneous team can provide answers to any necessity and request of our customers thanks to the wide range of knowledges and skills related to programming languages, Linux Unix and Microsoft (.Net Framework).


Pongo IDE

The development team of CShark gives life to applications based on its proprietary IDE, which gives the customers a range of benefits in terms of full stack maintenance and constant updating, together with complete control of the continuity and progress of its development.

Microsoft .Net Framework / Linux Based Development

Thanks to the many existing programming languages our team is versatile and autonomous in the development processes realized through the best development environments. We welcome our customers' necessities related to web and distributed applications.


We can design and create any type of firmware for our IoT devices, programmable microprocessors and FPGAs.
Thanks to our competences and skills we are able to help and support our customers in developing new devices and systems.