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Pongo® is the integrated development environment (IDE) developed by CShark

Pongo® allows you to integrate terrestrial and satellite gateways, IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence in a single environment. The available utilities allow you to create customized control panels and define the activation of actions upon the occurrence of events detected by IoT devices through traditional algorithms and Artificial Intelligence applications.

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What can you get with Pongo®

Monitoraggio IOT

An IOT monitoring system (with neural network) that processes the information detected and produced by the company's hardware and electronic systems

Cloud ibrido

A hybrid cloud to save, store and share data and files

Sito Web

A dynamic web interface available to view network events


A ticket management service to optimize business services


A secure server space, provided on request with advanced cyber security software


A multiplatform App for all mobile devices able to communicate directly with the central platform


Integrated GDPR compliant CRM that can be customized for all needs


ERP for the ordinary and procedural management of all your operational flows

Blockchain e Machine Learning

Centralized systems for Deep Learning, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Blockchain

Why choose Pongo



Pongo has a simple and intuitive interface and can be used safely and independently by both expert users and web novices.



Pongo is very powerful and versatile: it is a single platform that allows you to respond efficiently and personalized to the digitization needs of all companies.



Pongo is very flexible: you can start using just a few features to modify and expand it over time if your needs change. It can also be easily integrated with additional custom modules developed on request.


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