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Perfect solution for those who need a dedicated virtual server.
Server licence: Windows 2016
RAM: 24 GB
CPU: 4vCore 2.2 Ghz.

1500,00 €


Basic Hosting

Best solution for those who want to use Pongo through CShark's infrastructures for the online utilization of the service.
Server licence: Windows 2016


366,00 €


Custom request

Looking for a different option? No problem: we can find the best solution for you!


(Variable price)

   CMS 5 pages (500,00 €)
   ERP module (1000,00 €)
   Privacy + GDPR (included)
   CMS 20 pages (1000,00 €)
   Electronic invoicing (500,00 €)
   CRM module (500,00 €)
   E-commerce module (1500,00 €)
   Blog (500,00 €)

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