Customized Software and Hardware

Cshark can be asked to build ad hoc software and hardware for every need

Our development team builds applications based on Pongo (CShark's proprietary IDE), which provides the customer with advantages in terms of constant updating and full stack maintenance of the required software, along with total control over the continuity and progression of development.

We have a ready answer for all needs, including for customers interested in the development of new devices in the terrestrial and satellite domains. We design and implement custom solutions for every type of business by creating custom hardware for the customer. 

We strongly believe in the potential of technological progress and its practical application to every aspect of today's reality in order to achieve ever better results in ever shorter time frames, benefiting the individual and society.

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(Dedicated solution for those who wish to use Pongo via CShark's infrastructure for online publishing of the service)
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Customized software

Custom hardware

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Ad Hoc Cshark
Do you want your new device to be compatible with the Satelite Pilot and Cshark's Earth and Celestial Gateways?
Do you wish to purchase land gateways as well?

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