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CShark is an Italian company located in Piacenza, created in 2013 by Alessandro Fanni in order to create IT solutions at all levels. CShark is composed by a team of qualified professionals, experts in the field of Information Communication Technology, with knowledges and skills which range from HPC (High Performance Computing) and IoT (Internet of Things) to high level programming. Together we are able to design, create and optimize any type of software, from cross-platform apps to web applications, aiming to satisfy every possible need of small and medium enterprises.

We care to listen to and support our customers since the very first steps of each project, in order to satisfy all their needs by paying attention to their necessities and personal preferences and by planning and realizing custom products and services.
We offer counselling services to define and realize each project, aiming to enhance the characteristics and winning qualities of every enterprise and activity through the utilization of platforms and  innovative systems.

Through the latest years we have concluded many partnerships both with national and international enterprises, aiming to grow and evolve even more. We believe that cooperation and collaboration are fundamental elements which allow to develop a winning and strong business. We are always looking for new opportunities to interact and get in touch with realities through which we can learn something new everyday.

A world in continuous expansion towards Information Technology needs polyvalent professionals in different IT sectors, from hardwares to softwares. CShark aims to offer the best IT professionals to reach every business purpose connected to the technology field, from the definition of digital identity to the realization of dedicated softwares, from generic hardwares to HPC solutions. Our team has been created with the goal to provide dedicated solutions from A to Z and to support every type of business.

CShark provides solutions in order to live unique hardware and software experiences and to support the customer during the realization process of all their projects and in the achievement of business purposes through basic and enterprise solutions. Each product is carefully designed respecting the customer's necessities and preferences, with particular attention to details.


Among the achievements we are most proud of, we recall the prize obtained during Milano Marketing Festival 2019, where our software PONGO IDE has been awarded among the 100 top products of 2018. PONGO IDE is an unique platform, easy to use and created to allow the digitalization of any business through few steps. Available in two versions, PONGO is the flagship product of CShark.