Training course for Front End Developers



In 2019 CShark has secured a partnership with Galdus Academy to realize a Training Course for Web Developers in .Net Environment. A great opportunity for everyone interested in acquiring new knowledges and skills in this field!

Galdus Academy has been founded with the purpose of accompanying and supporting the individual during their vocational training, with particular attention to the development and enhancement of the abilities and qualities of each person: the student's aspirations and goals are always respected, promoted and appreciated.



The course for Front End Developer, or .NET Framework Web Developer, aims to allow the entry in the professional world of 12 professionals purposely trained as Front End Developers. Front End Developers are one of the most wanted professional figures in the IT field, since they are able to use the main web programming instruments in Microsoft environment, both integrated and not.

During the course the students will be able to learn different languages and web oriented programming methods, together with methods and instruments for the implementation of interfaces oriented to a better user experience and a greater facility of use of web sites. Responsive design and acessibility aspects will also be teached during classes. At the end of the course the students will own knowledges on web programming methods in Microsoft environment integrated with SQL server.

The course is open to unemployed individuals aged between 16 and 35 years of age and living in Lombardia.
Preferential requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of at least one programming language, such as C or C#;
  • Good knowledge of the English language;
  • Disposition in working in the cyber security field in terms of logical-mathematical knowledges and skills.


All classes will be taking place from November 4th 2019 until February 28th 2020 at Galdus Academy's seat in Cremona (Via Bergamo n. 11). The classes will be given by Alessandro Fanni, CShark's founder. The overall duration of the course is of 315 hours: 195 hours will be dedicated to technical education only and 120 hours will be dedicated to the apprenticeship period. The classes will take place at morning and/or afternoon and will require 30 hours per week, while the apprenticeship activity will require 40 hours per week for three weeks in total.
At the end of the course the students will receive with a certificate of attendance.
Attending this course gives many different career opportunities in companies and enterprises working in the web agency sector, communication sector and/or IT field.


All candidatures must be sent before October 20th 2019 at the e-mail address Please write “Lombardia Plus 2019 Front End” as subject and provide your telephone number in the mail's body in order to let the staff of Galdus Academy contact you.