Super Computing 2018



November 2018: CShark flies to America straight to Dallas, Texas, in order to attend the Super Computing fair event which takes place every year. A great opportunity to meet and get in touch with the most influential leaders from this field and to stay updated on the latest news related to the IT world.

Nowadays it is fundamental to create connections with the most important companies and enterprises from the IT field in order to learn and be inspired by their work, ideas and achievements. Learning from the best ones allows to direct the creative process in a more precise way and to better know and understand demand and supply of today.

This is why it is necessary to take these opportunities of growth and development. By comparing and observing other professionals we allow to the members of our team to get to know the background of today, acquire new fundamental knowledges and know new ideas and advanced solutions.



We are really satisfied with this experience and we are glad to have had the possibility to see new projects and avant-garde solutions designed by the best companies working in this sector. We are looking forward to participating to Super Computing, which will take place in Denver next year.