IoT in CShark



Internet of Things (IoT) means making the world smarter through the use of a set of technologies which allow any object to connect and communicate with both other devices and people.

Thanks to IoT it is possible to create services which can considerably improve the quality of life and business. Through a smart management system, the smart object is able to provide information on itself and the environment where it is located, using Internet for the transmission, the storage and the processing of data.

In order to realize smart functions it is possible to use the LoRaWAN protocol, which allows the creation of a data flow by using radio frequencies and transforming them in a network. Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, this protocol permits to (agire su un vasto territorio), making it possible to interact with smart objects (a distanza).

Thanks to our Research & Development sector and to our partnership with Microchip Technology Inc. CShark can give life to innovative projects which use the most advanced technologies for the creation of revolutionary devices and services, such as smart home, smart city, smart land and smart care.


CShark offers smart products and services for the realization of a smart home. This is possible through domotics, for example.
Domotics, also known as "home automation", means to apply information technology and electronics to the management of the domestic environment, with the purpose to:

  • Better the quality of life;
  • Increase security;
  • Reduce management costs;
  • Replace outdated installations and systems;
  • Make technology easier to use.

Among our flagship smart products we want to highlight remote meter reading and smart telemeter. Through these technologies it is possible to remote control, monitor and manage meters and other devices for a more precise, easy and quick management.



Regarding the smart city goal, CShark offers products and services related to public lighting, such as remote control and telemetry of public spot lightings.

The possibility to remote control installations and systems presents considerable benefits. For example, it could be possible to monitor the state of spot lightings and identify possible malfunctions real time, consequently reducing costs and saving time.

Furthermore, by applying the IoT technology to public structures and installations it would be possible to preventively detect risk factors and emergency situations. Through specific spot lightings, for example, it would be possible to identify individuals struck by heart attacks right away and to quickly mobilize dedicated emergency services.



Applying IoT technology to the whole territory and to the primary industry would bring to better and increase the efficiency and productivity of installations and systems. CShark offers products dedicated to pluviometry and meteorological monitoring, together with sensors such as agricultural sensors. To remote control and maneuver smart devices and sensors would allow to simplify and facilitate the workflow processes.




Of course IoT can be used in the healthcare field as well. Emergency situations require fundamental values such as promptness and efficiency: inaccurate or obsolete instruments and devices can delay the definition of a diagnosis, with negative consequences on the management and analysis of clinical cases. Health professionals need many different devices in order to correctly and constantly monitor and register the clinical and physiological conditions of patients. Applying IoT to monitoring instruments and devices could facilitate these professionals' work by speeding the workflow and allowing to manage many patients at the same time.
The "smart care" concept stems from the need to increase security and safety and reduce risk factors and emergency situations. Specific smart objects with dedicated functions can be used as well in order to provide better security both for the individual and the community.



The wide range of possibilities and opportunities that could stem from the realization of a smart reality should be explored with a creative and enterprising spirit in order to properly exploit the great potentialities of this revolutionary technology.

By revolutionizing domestic, civic and local reality it will be possible to greatly promote the technological progress and increase the security, wealth and wellness of the whole community and society at the same time, with numerous benefits.