March 02, 2023 6:00 p.m. - BELPO' Shopping Center

Free event with LinkNow Coworking

From idea to startup : the first steps


An event dedicated to startups, to give future entrepreneurs an idea of what they are getting into.

On March 2, Cshark will be a guest at the event organized by LinkNow Coworking to talk about our experiences and how starting from the idea we were able to concretize it reaching the LEO orbit .

Alessandro Fanni for Cshark together with Matteo Bonfanti, Alessandro Peveri and Filippo Turci for Nimbojobs will be the speakers of this day dedicated to growth and information.


What is the story of Cshark? Alessandro Fanni will talk about the road that led him to touch the stars amid the company's successes and failures.

Speaker: Alessandro Fanni, a young 29-year-old entrepreneur who is the inventor of a number of patents filed at the Italian and European level, such as Pongo, (a recognized development and metaliguage environment) and Pilot, (the proprietary picosatellite that deals with IoT telecontrol and telecommunication).

Alessandro has always had a great passion for physics and computer science, which led him to open his first company in 2013, CShark Solutions, and in 2018 applicant company Cshark S.r.l. At the moment, Alexander and his collaborators span many fields of work, especially with the launch of their Pilot-1 satellite for the aerospace asset. In fact, the fusion of his patents has created a centralized monitoring system in which all compatible devices on the ground can be managed directly from space. The technology created will be used for environmental security monitoring, logistics management, agriculture, urban environment, and all other fields in which one can imagine its possible application, always maintaining the ethical and moral aspect for which the idea was born.Alessandro in fact has always believed that technology could be used to improve every aspect of daily life in a safe way, protecting every aspect of privacy and the individual.


Making a startup means not knowing what you are doing. How much does it cost? What friends do you need to start a startup? An analysis that starts with the costs, including the hidden ones, of starting the project and the skills needed to carry it forward.

Speakers: Matteo Bonfanti - Designer by passion and by training. I do UX design and am passionate about science and technology. I became an entrepreneur so I could see a project come to life, getting my hands dirty.

Alessandro Peveri -  I study in Parma in hopes of figuring out what I'd like to do "when I grow up." Sports, music and Netflix are the constants in my life along with a good dose of easy irritation.I'm trying to create something of my own to avoid having to listen to a nagging boss.

Filippo Turci,  expert in subsidized finance.

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