CShark on Forbes France



As previously announced, on November 25th CShark was mentioned on the official web site of Forbes France. The article presents our company, along with all our team members and our future projects.
We post here below the English translation of the whole original article:


CShark supports the enterprises towards the development of their own sales potential

Thanks to the digitization process and the IoT technology CShark designs and creates simple and efficient instruments
in order to find a solution to all customers' needs and requests


Bettering daily life with IoT technology

CShark S.r.l. was created on November 2018 from a project of Alessandro Fanni, entrepreneur since 2013. Despite his young age, Alessandro has managed to give life to a company which realizes softwares and products able to better everyday life. Today the remarkable technological development of CShark allows to apply electronics and information technology to almost every aspect of daily life, creating simple and modern solutions in a technical way and with a creative approach. Progressively the company has been aiming more and more towards IoT, the technology of the future which gives the items the possibility to communicate and interact one another and with human beings as well. CShark has concluded a partnership with Microchip Technology Inc. and three ATSs (Temporary Association of Purpose) with institutions working in the higher education field. Alessandro and his team believe that by combining the tools, instruments and knowledges of resourceful and skilled people it is possible to create highly technological products and services, able to play an increasingly important role not only for the individual, but for the whole society as well.


A skilled team oriented to future

Today the dynamic team of CShark is composed of four young internal professionals, each of them with a different professional background and oriented to an innovative approach. The success of the company comes from three elements: team work, mutual respect and collaboration. The harmony that has been created among every member allows to live the professional activity as a passion and a satisfation, and to realize products and services where the contribution of each of the team members is visible. Even though it has been founded recently, CShark has already achieved actual results and it has received positive feedbacks, such as the prize obtained during Milano Marketing Festival for the software Pongo. In full development, the CShark team wishes to create collaborations and to get in touch with other professionals with whom it will be possible to bring the IoT technology to a higher level. CShark's mission is to actively participate to the transformation of the current reality in a "2.0 reality", a "smart" reality where the IoT technology is largely widespread and it is part of everyday life.


Pongo: an easy-to-use software, mouldable to any necessity

With CShark the totality of data is studied in an extremely specific way and interpreted with ad hoc developed algorithms: a collection of smart data for a smart management of the goods at 360 degrees. Products and services realized by CShark are designed in order to always satisfy the customer's demands, considering their needs and preferences. The company translates the necessities and questions in efficient instruments and custom answers. No product is identical to the previous one since each of them is designed for a customer to satisfy specific needs. The software Pongo has been awarded during Milano Marketing Festival and it is among the first 100 best products, future protagonists of the year 2019. This innovative platform is easy to use and perfectly mouldable, characteristic that allows even unexperienced users to digitize any enterprise at 360 degrees. It is also provided with all fundamental instruments to manage a web application, with customer service, ticketing service and many other functions.
Among the currently underway projects CShark is working on the launching of a geostationary satellite which could permit to control all IoT devices in Europe and North Africa. The power of the satellite, being it into orbit, will allow not to depend anymore on radio cells located at ground level, such as picocells. At the same time CShark is working on a project concerning public lighting, with smart nodes produced with 100% ecological materials.