21 December 2022 - ISII Marconi Institute, Piacenza

Cshark tells his story to the students of Piacenza's ISII Marconi Institute


Alessandro Fanni meets the classes of the ISII Marconi institute: the experiences of the older ones can help the younger ones realise their future

Piacenza's ISII Marconi institute was the high school of our CEO. Alessandro Fanni in fact never misses the few opportunities that arise to return to the school walls and spread his experiences and story to the youngsters.

We believe that telling your story in the round (about your mistakes and successes) is vital to help the new generations believe in their dreams and build their future.

The meeting with the fourth classes focused on Pilot's technological possibilities and the road travelled to get there. We hope that our talks and experiences will inspire even the youngest to fly higher and higher.