18 December 2022

Cshark at "Investire.club"


Alessandro Fanni was guest on 5 episodes of the programme "Investire.Club" broadcast on Sky

Sunday, 18 December marked the end of Investire.Club's series of episodes dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Our CEO Alessandro Fanni actively participated in various interesting conversations aired on Sky channel 815.

They discussed many areas of technology, the innovative impact of our work, the ethical aspects of technology and the everyday changes that progress is bringing to our lives.

Our work was placed at the centre of a compelling and interesting dialogue that can bring much food for thought, spanning all areas of work.

We would like to thank Cosimo Pagliai (President of Investire.Club), Nicola Durati (HFA of Investire.Club) and Viola Durati (presenter of Investire.Club) for their wonderful work and we look forward to many more conversations of this calibre.

You can find all the episodes here!